Learning more with less, is it possible?

When economic difficulties come around organizations, sometimes hard decisions are made over specific budgets. Unfortunately, one of them uses to be training budget. Perhaps because it is perceived as an expense instead of investment (or it should be more appropriate to say that training directors do not know how to sell it as investment…).

If executives do not take care of training, they are indeed forgetting a wide range of aspects closely related to business productivity:

  • classified in the attitudes group: motivation, commitment, engagement, effort;
  • in terms of qualification: technical skills, updated knowledge, research capacity;
  • professional development: career opportunities, self-development options, promotion chances.

Moreover, when there is a downsize on training investment in organizations it is easy to find a close correlation with turnover intentions (specially dangerous when affect talent people), a term which is currently appearing more and more.

While training directors are nowadays doing our best for linking training investments and productivity (effectiveness and efficiency), it is time to be creative and innovate by thinking out of the box, in order to achieve more learning opportunities with less. What is your situation?