Training in company: quantity or quality?

Those who are in charge of training and lead this function in organizations have to justify the ratios reached each year. Among others, the total training hours received and the contents quality level are included in these indicators.
When training budgets are cut down year after year, both ratios, training hours and quality level, are hardly compatible. It is time to combine a training offer well-balanced within these ratios and devote more time to those subjects closer to the strategy and business goals.
E-Learning traditionally has helped to reach good results in quantity and is in no way inferior in terms of quality, where the number of relevant e-learning products available is growing.
What is your choice for 2012: quantity or quality?

Un pensamiento en “Training in company: quantity or quality?

  1. Hi Javier,

    Quality or quantity? The million dollar question. Many times it´s quantity as it´s easier and quicker to implement. No need to do an Indepth Needs Analysis. Also if you

    I think all training needs to focus on performance and answer this question.
    – How can we improve the performance of people in a specific area of their job.

    Then we can ask what mix of training they need to improve their performance; presencial, business games (simulations) and e-learning for e.g.

    In my experience, at the beginning E-learning was E-reading.

    However it is now more experiential, practical and interactive which motivates and helps learners to interiorise and learn for longer. Also there needs to interaction and Feedback 360º with Trainers/Consults and other learners for better feedback and evaluation.

    Best regards,

    Christopher Wright
    The Practice Office Group


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